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I'm an Artist and photographer based in Southampton, U.K. I spend time in Southampton while exploring the surrounding cities capturing Photos of the landscapes. I have a key interest in Cruise ships which is a focus point in my work and I am fortunate enough to live right near the cruise port. I have visited Florida a number of times capturing photographs of landmarks in Orlando to the beautiful sandy beaches and breath taking coastlines of Miami.

In 2017 I attended Totton college where my artistic journey began while I was there I produced a range of art works including paintings, carving, posters, 3D models and photographs over the 2 years I was there. 

My artistic adventure continued as a Fine art student at Southampton's Solent University where I expanded my skills in portrait drawing and photography capturing. As a student at university during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic the art I created took an isolated twist with only working with the objects available to me.

my artistic backstory 

a photograph of the Lewis taking a photo of a cruise ship on iphone.
lewis creating a drawing on ipad

about my work 

As an artist my work includes Digital portraits I create using an iPad, my drawings aim to explore colours, shadows and shading of the human body and different types of clothing styles . As a starting point for my portraits I research images online for inspiration, having chosen an image I then recreate this by making my own changes and improvements. I use my artistic skills in a unique way to develop my drawing in stages by using different styles and appearances which helps stretch an image to new levels and appearances. My work appeals to a wide audience due to the different themes I have explored.

My Photography is subjected around my surroundings such as landscapes, cityscapes and cruise ships. I take these photographs using an iPhone camera and then add in various edit and filters to make the image more dramatic and eye catching by using a wide range of colour making my Photography stand out to my audience. 

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