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Welcome to a little insight of my world as a Photographer and an artist, I capture my shots in the heart of the moment when it comes to events and weddings, I capture those special moments without all the posing and directing. 


I always find that i'm spending time focusing on the beauty of my surroundings or creating drawings of the wonders I see, whether it photographing an adventure in a new city or recreating an idea though my digital art- creating something aways feels like an escape from reality. ​

Based in Southampton, U.K. I spend time in Southampton while exploring the surrounding cities capturing Photographs of landscapes. I have a key interest in Cruise ships which is a focus point in my work and I am fortunate enough to live near the cruise port which gives me a  gateway to the world to explore and photograph outside of the UK . I have visited many different countries capturing stunning images of landmarks on the east coast of the untied states to the beautiful untouched landscape of the Norwegian Fjords


As an artist my work includes Digital drawings I create on iPad while using my photography as a reference , my drawings aim to explore colours, shadows and shading of the landscapes i've photographed. Creating an artwork leads me on a whole new journey by exploring hidden paths or picturing myself stood in the areas i'm drawing.


My Photography is subjected around my surroundings such as landscapes, cityscapes and cruise ships. I take these photographs using an iPhone camera and then add in various edit and filters to make the image more dramatic and eye catching by using a wide range of colour making my Photography stand out to my audience. 

 If my work interests you feel free to get in touch with me and to explore more or my photography work on my social platforms.

Photo of the photographer photographing a ship
A self portrait of the photographer

Welcome to my artist world!

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