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The perfect day should last longer then 24 hours, longer then a week, a month, a year- something so perfect should last a lifetime and there’s no better way to relive those memories then diving deep into a gallery or photo album.

Focusing on the heart of the moment at weddings or at many different events, Southampton photographer Lewis Ford aims to create stories through photography by capturing anything and everything to assist the recreation of the unforgettable times at your events helping you revisit those happy memories for years to come making you feel like you’re the star of the show.

On the side of working these events from the shadows, Lewis has a key interest in cruise ships and travelling, which was his main inspiration to start photographing, he travels to a number of different countries capturing the rich landscapes and breathtaking cities or stays local and captures an everyday scene which stands out at a glance as there is aways something different about it, it could be the time of day, the weather or a reflection in a puddle. All in aim to take his audience on the same adventure in his shoes. 

Lewis' adventures don't end when he returns to  his studio, from his photography he creates digital artwork to explore deeper into the landscape finding new areas which he missed when photographing- all to start a new adventure at the tip of his Apple Pencil.

A self portrait of the photographer

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